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Groupon watch uk Breitling Superocean Heritage II 46mm mens

Today, I will introduce you one of GF’s latest Breitling Super Oceans. Let’s briefly talk about it. Before the production of this super ocean in the GF factory, the market passed through an original version. It is a conscience, much better than GF, not a good point. The simplest, the movement, the GF is a 9015 movement, the original one is the ETA2824 movement, the two movement characteristics, if you know the REP watch friends, naturally understand a little, 9015 motion The noise is loud, the 2824 movement is quiet. Now if you have already bought this watch, you can shake your view now to see if I said, then let’s briefly outline this. The details of the watch work, GF factory in the launch of the super sea, also issued a comparison chart, a very comprehensive assessment, highlighting the REP process, the effect of genuine mold opening, the current lack of beauty may be the movement, It is really very bad.

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Dial introduction: This super ocean color is composed of black, white, blue and multiple colors. We introduce this to white-colored today, the word is a three-pin design, the calendar is located at 6 o’clock, the outer ring is usually A chronograph outer band that can be rotated, made of ceramic.

Glass introduction: The mirror surface is sapphire mirror, solid color, no blue film effect, the mirror height is slightly raised upwards.

Case introduction: The body of the watch is made of stainless steel, polished by polishing procedure, the crown is screw-in crown, the blue on the crown picture is blue film, it is plated, it is to protect the view. The crown avoids being scratched during transportation, so don’t tangled why the crown is definitely blue.

The back side of the watch: the back of the watch is a dense bottom style, the bottom cover is a polished bottom cover, in fact, the bottom cover has a chicken rib, that is not wear-resistant, if you put it on a rough object, the watch After dragging, there will be scratches on underneath cover, so we still have to be as careful as possible during the use.
Strap, buckle intro: The strap is a rubber strap, soft texture, the buckle is a stainless needle design buckle.

Luminous introduction: The luminous light of the watch can be green, the luminous intensity can only be regarded as medium intensity, and the time of absorbing the light source is short.

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