Groupon watch reviews Tudor Heritage Black Bay

Groupon watches uk review Tudor Heritage Black Bay

groupon watches cheap fake imitation designer Tudor Heritage Black Bay
groupon watches cheap fake imitation designer Tudor Heritage Black Bay

Today introduces a Tudor Heritage Black Bay series, a small red flower, which we introduced today is a new 2017, not the old one, the new literal three-row characters are parallel, the aged one is downward curved This is the difference. At present, this Tudor Heritage Dark Bay series is under the control of the ZF factory. Let’s see it worth Groupon watch?

Dial introduction: The view adopts a three-needle design, axe-shaped design, hour hand, no calendar function. The color of the font is usually a black one. The scale on the surface is definitely a dot, the pointer and the level have a luminous coating.Introduction of the outer ring: The outer band of the Tudor is to be mentioned here. The Tudor can be a Rolex brother. This is not necessary. As everyone knows, Tudor mainly does the civilian price, mainly the main benefit, the Tudor diving series watch, for example Tomahawk and Biwan, the outer ring is mostly made of aluminum, not ceramic, so there is a saying that if you don’t believe, you can go to Baidu to search for relevant information, especially the Tudor Tomahawk. Watches, friends on the external circle scale to go to a hot spring, his watch scale can be soaked, therefore this is not a legend, this is a real answer. When we use it everyday, we must pay more attention to it. Don’t look back, it’s awkward to ask, why is it fading? GEN is like this, REP is definitely also.

Glass introduction: The mirror surface of the view is a sapphire mirror, solid color, simply no blue film effect, the height of the mirror surface area is slightly convex, not flat.

Case intro: The shell is made of stainless steel, polished and polished, the shell is very bright, the crown is a screw-in crown, the top of the crown is a plum design LOGO, is the early brand of Tudor LOGO icon.

Crown introduction: We come to a close-up of a crown, his crown is certainly screwed in, there exists a reddish damping in the first gear of the crown, not directly tied to the shell.

The back side of the watch: the back of the watch is a dense bottom style, the bottom cover is processed by the drawing process, underneath cover is designed by a gentleman, and the bottom cover is engraved with lettering.

Strap and buckle launch: The strap and the buckle are made of stainless. The strap is a three-row strap. When the strap is removed, we can use the screwdriver to twist the screw to the left to disassemble. The buckle is usually a folding buckle. If you don’t make use of it, you can watch the video, which is definitely described in the video.

Luminous introduction: The luminous of the watch can be green, the intensity of the night light is quite strong, and the time of absorbing the light source is short.

Summary: The REP process is still the leader of ZF. Today we are from ZF, the movement is the 2840 motion of the seagull, the watch The diameter is 41 mm. At the moment, the Tudor series of ZF Factory is basically not sending tape, or sending nylon strap. Today, this small red floral ZF factory is giving a red nylon strap. Summer wear is more arrogant.

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